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Vote for Next Project

Vote for our next cleaning project that Prolux should invent!


At Prolux we have a whole team of vacuum and cleaning experts that work in our R&D department inventing new products all the time!  

Here are some of our inventions to date:


  • The worlds only bagless backpack (cleans twice as fast as uprights)
  • Central Vacuum Kit that fits any central vacuum
  • Air Purifier with Brushless Motor (designed to never wear out)
  • Reinvented Bagless Vacuum Tech (40% more effecient)
  • Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Buffer for hard floors
  • Vac Volt converts eletctricity so your vacuum can be used anywhere in the world
  • First Mold Killing Air Purifer to use UV (sold like crazy during Swine Flu epedimic)

.......and much more.   So what are we missing?   Here is your chance to tell us what our next project should be.


  • We may contact you to ask more questions about your idea.

  • How would this idea make your life easier?

  • By submitting your idea you understand that it may be used by Prolux and Patents issued by Prolux.

  • Upload any files that may explain your idea better.

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