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Prolux 2.0 Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum with Deluxe 1 1/2 inch Tool Kit Zoom

Prolux 2.0 Commercial Bagless Backpack Vacuum with Deluxe 1 1/2 inch Tool Kit

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SKU: Prolux2.0_d
Never use bags again! Introducing the worlds 1st Bagless Commercial Backpack Vacuum, the Prolux 2.0 Pro Model that uses Patented 2.0 technology.
Pro Model for Professional Cleaners. The new Prolux 2.0 patent pending Bagless Technology it is 40% more efficient than current bagless vacuums. This Prolux 2.0 Pro Model is the first Bagless Commercial Backpack Vacuum that is designed to the toughest jobs (works great at cleaning homes as well). The Pro model includes 50 foot commercial grade 3 prong power cord, 1 1/2 commercial attachments and hose, and rubber bumper for protection.
Only weighs 9 lbs! Plush 1.5 inch thick straps make it lightweight and comfortable! Saves Time! An amazing 125 CFM of cleaning power means 1 pass cleaning (dont have to vacuum forward and back like other vacuums). Cleans your home or office 2x faster (when compared to a standard upright vacuum cleaner)!
Dependable - Features a 125 CFM (most bagless vacuums are only 70 to 80 CFM) thermally protected motor with Motor Bypass Valve Technology. This new technology allows the vacuum to have a 3 year commercial warranty. Tired of your employees over filling or clogging up vacuums and burning out motors? Not a problem with the Prolux 2.0 Pro as if this happens the Motor Bypass Valve opens up and protects the motor.
Specs – Washable HEPA Filtration, 3 Year Commercial Warranty, 35 foot Power Cord, On board tool storage, and includes Commercial Grade 1.5 inch attachments (optionally you may also purchase the Electric Power Brush tool kit). Optionally there is also a Battery Powered Model of the Prolux 2.0 you can buy (but its not as powerful as this one).

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Product Description


    Introducing the All New PROLUX 2.0 BAGLESS BACKPACK VACUUM PRO that uses Patented 2.0 technology and is revolutionizing the cleaning world! It took the Prolux team of Engineers and Vacuum Experts 3 years to invent the Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack. Not only did they have to invent the worlds first bagless backpack vacuum but they had to totally re invent bagless technology as well! Now its not only 40% more efficient than current bagless tech but can qualify for the toughest commercial cleaning jobs. The Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack Vac with bagless technology has been designed for two things; to be incredibly lightweight and to cut your cleaning time in half. Lets talk reality for a second. When compared to a upright vacuum backpack vacuums are 2x to 3x times faster at cleaning.....BUT they are made for men by men. Current Backpack vacuums are large, heavy and bulky. One of the lead engineers on the Prolux team is a woman. She was insistent that this vacuum be designed so any woman can use it (don't worry guys you will love it too). This is why it only weights 9 lbs and 80% of weight is located on your hips. That means that less than 1 lb of weight is on each shoulder when worn correctly. News Flash! Your shoulders and back should NEVER hurt when your done vacuuming. You shouldn't even hardly feel it while your vacuuming and that is how the Prolux 2.0 is designed.

    The problem with most commercial vacuums today is they are heavy, tools are difficult to use and they are expensive to maintain.   With the Prolux 2.0 Pro there will be no more bags to buy and HEPA filter is washable!   Plus its super lightweight and comfortable and tools are super easy to use.   You can also use it with the 1.5 inch commercial tool kits or the electric power nozzle tool kit.   It solves all the problems that commercial vacuums today have!

    Now lets get real and talk about what is wrong with current bagless vacuums. The team at Prolux bought and tested nearly every bagless vacuum made. They tested them in their lab and realized they all have the same problem. Bagless vacuums do not capture very fine dust. So they have filters (normally horizontal) and over time the fine dust clogs all the filters and your bagless vacuum quits cleaning as good. This is why your standard bagless vacuum cleans much better on day 1 than it does a year later. Current bagless technology are not powerful deep cleaners......until the Prolux 2.0. This is why it took Prolux 3 years to reinvent bagless technology. They had to figure out a way to separate the dust from filters AND have a ton of deep cleaning power. They did this by creating a separate "Vortex Chamber" that keeps the dust away from the filter. Prolux made this "Vortex Chamber" with a clear panel so you can actually see it working. It is very cool and solves the problem that current bagless vacuums have! The great thing about this brand new 2.0 Bagless Tech is that if its day 1 or year 5 your still going to have the same amount of deep cleaning power! With the zero loss of suction design and the powerful motor that produces 125 CFM of air flow it allows the user to clean in one pass (vs forward and back like your used to with other vacuums).This allows you to clean your home or office much faster and save time!

    Accessories - The Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack Vacuum does not fall short on versatility. Includes the Commercial Quality 1.5 inch Tool Kit that comes with high-strength durable aluminum metal wands and wider floor tools to cover even more area. Also available is the electric power brush tool kit for cleaning even the thickest carpets.

    The 3 Year Factory warranty is 3 years on the motor and 3 years on the vacuum body.   If the vacuum is only used for home use it has a 5 year motor warranty.

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