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New Prolux CA2000 Air Purifier with large HEPA Ionic cleaning Warranty and Air Quality Sensor Zoom

New Prolux CA2000 Air Purifier with large HEPA Ionic cleaning Warranty and Air Quality Sensor

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Does someone in your family suffer for Asthma or Allergies? Do you have to dust your home from all the airborne dust and allergens? Are you looking for a high end Air Purifier that is quiet and powerful and automatically cleans your air when it needs cleaned? Introducing the Prolux CA2000. It is one of the most powerful and effective air purifiers on the market. Air Purifiers of this quality are usually 500 and up. It uses sealed HEPA filtration, Carbon Filter, large particle pre filter and a powerful Ionic filtration to keep your home or business clear of dust, pollens, allergens, odors, gases, molds and more. This high end Air Purifier also comes with a 3 year factory warranty. It has high end indicators that tell you the quality of your air, when your filters need changed, your fan speed and more. You can run it on auto air sensor mode (automatically turns on and cleans your air when its dirty and turns off when its clean) or manual mode where you can turn it on and set the fan speed you want it on (3 different fan speeds from sleep mode to most powerful). The Prolux CA (Clean Air) 2000 works up to 1500 per square feet keeping your air clean and fresh.

New Prolux CA2000 Air Purifier with large HEPA Ionic cleaning Warranty and Air Quality Sensor

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Product Description


    The 4 Stages of Filtration that keeps your air fresh and clean are:

    1.  Washable Pre Filter.  Provides the first layer of air filtering by removing large air contaminants to improve air quality and extend the life of the HEPA filter.  

    2.  Large Capacity HEPA Filter.  High Volume (which allows more air flow and purifying the air in larger spaces) HEPA filter captures down to an amazing 99.5% of all allergens.    This safely removes things like pollen, allergens, dust, dirt, pet hair, dander and mold spores.    Large HEPA filter is rated for 6000 hours of use or 2 years. 

    3.  Granular Activated Carbon Filter - provides effective odor control by absorbing unpleaant odors, smells, gases, and air born chemicals. 

    4.  Powerful Ionizer - An amazing 15 million Negative Ions are produced which cause the elemination of air born allergens and germs.    As Ions enter the air it cleans pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, fingi and virus.    This feature may be turned on and off by the user with a push of the button. 

    These 4 levels of filtration safely and quickly cleans your air and helps reduce allergies and more!


    FEATURES of the Prolux CA2000

    Auto or Manual Mode -  User may choose from Manual mode or Auto Mode.    Manual Mode allows the user to turn on and off the air purifier and adjust the fan speed as desired.   Auto mode has a built in sensor to measure how dirty the air is.   If it is dirty the air purifier automatically turns on and cleans the air and automatically turns off when the air is clean.   

    SPECS - Power consumtion is only an amazing 20 watts, 120 volts, 3 stage Fan Speed, Ion Ouput = 15,000,000 ions (powerful), Sound level = 25 db to 48 db depending on fan speed (quiet), Air Moved of over 60 CFM, weight = 9.3 pounds, size = 17 x 7 x 21 (compact and powerful).

    COVERS UP TO 1500 sq. ft. Ultra Quiet 3 speed fan in the Air Purifier covers up to an amazing 1500 square feet (compare that to other more expensive models that only do 500).  You may choose from the super quiet sleep mode to most powerful fan setting.  

    Indicator Display and Timer -  Indicators tell you when the filters need changed, what the Air Quality of your air is (shows poor, moderate, and good), what fan speed you are on, if the Ions setting is on, and if any timers are on.     Choice of 3 different times may be chosen by the user if you just want it to run for a certain amount of time and then turn off.  

    3 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Durable high grade attractive plastic construction with Stainless Steel internal parts for years of worry free use. Attractive enough to be proudly displayed in any room.    We are an authorized dealer for Prolux and a Warranty Service center.   As a result we stock any parts that you may need or you may also buy them online.

    The Prolux CA2000 is a high end attractive Air Purifier that works!    For other Prolux cleaning products like Vacuum Cleaners, humidifiers, air purifiers and more please visit our store. 

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